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The Eco Blog - Our bid to rid single use plastic

The Eco Blog - Our bid to rid single use plastic

Posted on: Thursday 4th July 2019

Environmentally Conscious Options for a Healthier You & A Healthier Planet

Consumerism and convenience have led to the rise of single use plastics. This is big news in todays media with increased knowledge and awareness of what this is doing to our planet. We are ever optimistic so let's focus on the positives of how we are selecting our new products and brands and what we are doing to push those we love to do more! We want to showcase how every little choice can help with positive steps for a healthier planet... and a healthier you!


We've recently launched the Georganics range of toothcare products which includes toothpastes, oil pulling mouthwashes, tooth soaps to remineralise teeth, dental floss and mouthwash tablets. All pacakged in either glass or cardboard for fully recyclable packaging whilst not compromising on performance. Our favourite is their charcoal whitening toothpaste!


For the ultimate bamboo toothbrush, look no further than the Truthbrush! Many bamboo toothbrushes use a nylon bristle. Whilst nearly there in environmental credentials, the bristle still needs work. Truthbrush are the first brand to go all out eco and swap their nylon bristle to a castor oil based bristle to be at the forefront of eco design and a fresh smile!


Friendly on the environment, friendly on your pocket and friendly on your hair too! One of the newest additions to our range is the Friendly Soap Shampoo bar and Shaving bar. The shampoo bar is priced at only 2.99 but dont let the price fool you. The castor oil base leaves locks shiny and healthy whilst smelling great too!
Friendly Soap Shampoo Bar


Natural soda deodorants from Ben & Anna come in a fully recyclable paper tube. All certified natural ingredients, aluminium free, vegan and cruelty free. The range of scents include provence lavender, pink grapefruit, nordic timber and a pure scent free option.

Ben & Anna Deodorants

Salt & Stone Deodorant is packaged in post consumer recycled materials. An all natural, aluminum-free, unisex deodorant formulated with an herbal blend of Lavender, Sage and Rosemary essential oils to neutralize odor. Ingredients include arrowroot as a superior moisture absorber, shea butter to soothe and hydrate, jojoba oil a natural antibacterial that neutralizes odor and is anti-inflammatory to soothe sensitive underarm skin, and lavender and sage essential oils as a natural antibacterial that neutralizes odor.

Salt & Stone Deodorant

Face & Body Care

Many of our skincare ranges use recyclable glass packaging, or sugar cane packaging which is renewable and carbon neutral. We're increasing our range of Dr. Bronner, which offers products for the whole family, from shampoo, baby wash, body and handwash, to good old soap! Dr.Bronner Castille soaps boast 18 uses in just one bottle. Dr.Bronner was a pioneer of ecologically friendly bodycare since the 60s, long before any other company. They follow the principles to 'make humble and mindful use of the earth's gifts - do not waste, do not harm the land or people or animals - what comes from the earth must go back'. Have a read of the bottle one day for the whole story... be warned it takes a while! Click here to read how one bottle of Dr.Bronner is all you need...

Water Bottles

One of the biggest environmental challenges comes from single use plastic which accounts for half of the annual plastic production. Humans buy 1 million plastic bottles per minute, of which 32% ends up in the oceans. It is estimated that by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the sea. Make your difference by using only glass, refillable water bottles. We recommend Flaska, which also restructures the water for healthier drinking water, so you can take care of yourself and the environment at the same time. Drinking water from glass eliminates the endocrine disruptors. Furthermore Flaska is fully recyclable into products of the same quality.

Flaska Glass Water Bottle

Brand Focus - Viridian Nutrition

One of our favourite ethical brands and one that we have flagshipped since we opened our doors over 6 years ago. Not only do the quality of the supplements out rival their competitors, but they have always given back to support many charities doing great work for the environment. They have always been packaged in glass bottles and we have always offered a 25p back bottle return service on their bottles to ensure that they are recycled. They are the first supplement brand to be palm oil free certified, they champion organic growers and shopping locally. More recently they have switched their glass bottles to a smaller fit to be more suitable for the exact capsule count in each bottle and the tamper seals are switching to plant based polylactic acid. Interesting fact that Viridian is the name of the colour of the Earth when viewed from space... very apt for such an earth loving brand.

Brand Focus - Dr Hauschka

Dr Hauschka have been leading the way in environmentally friendly cosmetics years ahead of the crowd. Always using natural, organic and biodynamically farmed ingredients where possible with a huge respect for nature. They have always used glass bottles and non plastic tubes for the majority of their range. One exception to this was their shower washes where glass was not an option. Putting environmental concerns over profit, they recently took the decision to discontinue the shower wash range and relaunch with a single one which is a 100% natural in their signature lemon lemongrass scent. The packaging is made from 100% Post Consumer Recycled materials and the new twist cap allows for optimal dispensing of the formula so as to minimise overuse.


Brand Focus - Green People

Suncreams are a hot topic when it comes to environmental concerns. We recommend reef friendly options which all of our natural brands offer but Green People have gone one further. Another product that is difficult to get as a plastic free option but Green People have found a solution. They have recently swapped the packaging of their suncreams to a plant based material made from sugar cane sourced from sustainable farming. This is a completely carbon neutral offering and whatsmore... they donate 30p from every sale to the Marine Conservation Society to further look after our oceans.

Brand Focus - Therapy Organics

As a business we pride ourselves on having the greater good at the heart of what we do.  The products we pick are tried and tested, and only make it to the shelves if they perform.  Most importantly, these products must but also have the conscious credentials we strive for. 

Whether this be organic, natural, eco, sustainable, vegan, fair traded, bio-dynamic, wild crafted .... or whether the company belong to organisations such as Natrue, Soil Association, One for the Planet... we look to work with those making a positive difference to the world we live in. 

We aim to bring knowledge of health to the local community but we have always remained true to supporting the planet... here's a little insight into some of the things that go on behind the scenes here at Therapy Organics. We know that we are not perfect but we like to think that we continually strive to improve and work with our brands to push their development and continually do better to minimise our environmental impact. We truly believe that nature holds the answer to our health and wellbeing but whilst harnessing this power, we must respect the earth and not damage the beauty that we have been given. Here are some good to know facts:
Since opening our doors 6 years ago, we have only ever offered paper bags. We also encourage our customers to use their own shopping bags.
We offer a refill service for Epsom Salts which we charge by the kilo and customers are welcome to bring their own containers.
We recycle around 99% of our waste.
For postage services for customers, we reuse cardboard boxes and packing materials that we have received goods in. We have never once bought empty boxes or packing materials.
We look after your health by paying more for receipt paper that is BPA free.
All towels in the clinic are washed using a non toxic laundry service.
We encourage our clients to buy organic vegetables, use local food services such as Groobarbs or even grow your own, for both the reasons that these are much more nutrient dense so better for your health but also this way of living is much kinder to the environment.
All of our staff who can walk to work, do walk to work or take public transport.
We always listen to feedback so if you have any other ideas about anything we can do to better serve the planet then we would love to hear them!

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