Signature Treatments

Therapy Signature Treatments - our own bespoke treatments, crafted using a combination of techniques and stand out products to provide results driven treatments...

Signature Treatments

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COVID 19:  Please note that these Appointments are not yet available following closure of the clinic during lockdown.  We will amend this message as soon as treatments are available again. 

Signature Treatments   90mins ~ £80.

  • Cleanse Treatment Open or Close

    Reset, Refresh & Renew.  A full body cleansing treatment consisting of:

    • A grounding foot soak, purifying sage is known as the 'saviour herb' and has been used since medieval times to clear stagnant and negative energy…

    •  A revitalising leg and foot tonic swept over the lower body.

    •  Body brushing to kick start the circulation, lymphatic system and to slough off dead skin.

    •  Gentle full body exfoliation using Detoxifying Bodhi & Birch scrub, Himalayan salt, our favourite body scrub and a true alchemy of ingredients: it help equalise the body's bioenergetic fields, stimulates cell regeneration, enhances lymphatic flow and induces a meditative sense of calm.

    •  A full body massage using our signature Puri-T cleansing and relaxing massage oil. Organic Botanical scented muslin cloths will warm the body, refresh the skin and awaken the senses.

    •  Finish with a cup of our Cleansing signature Puri-T herbal tea

  • Nurture Treatment Open or Close

    Take time out to treat yourself or that special person to our 'Nurture Top To Toe' Treatment.

    The treatment harnesses the therapeutic powers of Rose, it's essence and oils famed for their ability to nurture, balance and harmonise health. The Rose is a symbol of beauty associated with love and purity. We've developed a treatment to enhance your natural beauty, whilst nurturing body, mind and spirit. Treat yourself or that special person. Or tempt them to treat you!

    The treatment comprises:

    • A Rose Essence Foot Soak to soothe the soul and relax the body.
    • A foot and lower leg massage, to encourage full body relaxation and lymphatic drainage using specialised massage and thai massage techniques.
    • A facial using Oskia products. Oskia products are based on MSM, the beauty mineral which helps improve collagen and elastin, whilst purifying the skin. Rose, passion fruit and chamomile nurture and reveal your natural glow.
    • Therapeutic Facial Massage with Oskia skin smoothing massage candle. The warm 'Rose De Mai' scented oil from the candle is used to massage the face and decolette; pure bliss.
    • Scalp massage using Dr.Hauschka Hair Tonic to strengthen and fortify hair.
    • Finish with a cup of Pukka Love Tea.

  • Energise Treatment Open or Close

    Face and Body Treatment.  This treatment combines a facial and body treatment, using the uplifting properties of lemon, perfect to energise, uplift the senses and help purify the body.

    This beautiful treatment comprises:

    • A Dr.Hauschka Lemon & Lemongrass foot soak to energise and warm the feet.
    •  Body brushing to boost circulation and lymphatic flow
    • An invigorating full body massage with Dr.Hauschka Lemon & Lemongrass body oil, to tone, warm and fortify.  The massage incorporates movements to energise the body whilst nourishing the immune system.  The kidneys are boosted, perfect after the Winter months. 
    •  A mini facial using warming organic fragranced muslin cloths, firming and energising organic skincare products.  A skin boosting, detoxifying facial stimulation will conclude the treatment. 
    •  A cup of Therapy Immuni-T hand blended tea will be served to end the treatment.  

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