Seasonal Alignment Treatment (facial and body)

Seasonal Alignment Treatment (facial and body)

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This very special treatment is both a physical treatment, combining a facial, body massage and Reiki, with a deeper spiritual element to align you to your soul or true self.

The treatment was developed by the founder of Rhythm of Beauty (Louise Allen) and hence uses these very special techniques and products throughout the treatment.

The treatment takes place in one of our beautiful treatment rooms. During an in-depth consultation, you'll be offered a seasonal flower essence infused glass of water and experience a foot bath with flowers, herbs and salts. You'll use animal spirit cards to help set your intention and you'll create an affirmation for the session unearthing your wishes for the season. Working with the beautiful, award winning Rhythm of Beauty products you will receive a facial and body treatment like no other.

The products used are wild crafted, natural seasonal products made with organic flowers, herbs and essences from Mother Earth picked around the full moon for intensity and superior healing benefits. Through using these intuitive, award winning flower and plant medicine products we integrate the earth, fire, water and spirit of each season which creates a sacred space for true nourishment, beauty and awakening.

The massage tools vary season to season working with crystal rollers or kansa copper wands.

Whilst the mask is being absorbed, your therapist will focus on body work and channel reiki healing into certain areas.

Once the treatment is over, there will be a herbal tea provided to offer nourishment.

Honour the Goddess within with this unique, very magical treatment. You'll feel grounded, yet lifted having experienced a truly blissful pampering session. This is a facial and body treatment that works beyond the skin to soothe the soul and will leave you glowing inside and out.

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