Nutritional Therapy - Special Offer

Special Offer on Initial Nutritional Therapy Appointments... For June 18

Nutritional Therapy - Special Offer

"A one off offer on Nutritional Therapy"

Nutritional Therapy is at the core of what we do at Therapy Organics. The business is founded on delivering the highest quality Nutritional Therapy in the consultations, and the highest quality supplements available. For this month only we're be offering Initial Nutritional Therapy Consultations at a discounted price.

Nutritional Therapy addresses the core of health. It addresses most health conditions in a 'functional medicine' way, looking at the root causes of conditions and guiding the client to make dietary and lifestyle changes which cause physiological changes in the body, allowing positive and often lifechanging improvements to health, wellness, mood, energy, mobility and much more. It truly empowers an individual and is always the starting point for those who want to improve their health and Nutritional status to feel better.

Usually 95, this month we're offering your first treatment at 85, with our Nutritional Therapist Charlotte Pickles.  For further details about this treatment click here.  

This offer is available on consultations booked and taken before end June 18.

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