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An expert and professional service offered by an experienced team of Nutritionists, pioneering advancements in Nutrition and Functional Medicine at our clinic in Wilmslow, Cheshire.

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*COVID 19 UPDATE (AUG 20) Nutritional Therapy Consultations can take place in the clinic, or via telephone or Zoom *

Naturopathic Nutritional Therapy provides a unique and holistic wellness plan which is tailored to the individual. It is nutritional therapy that also takes into account lifestyle factors such as stress, work and environment that may be impacting upon an individuals ability to absorb nutrients for optimal wellness. Not so much 'you are what you eat', more 'you are what you absorb'.

Prior to an initial consultation with a Nutrition Practitioner, a food diary and an intake form are completed and bought along to the consultation. This information provides an overview so the time taken during the consultation can be effectively utilised to get to the root causes, which are always unique to each client.

The initial assessment is used to investigate the functioning of the body systems and any potential triggers that may be affecting health, via a combination of specific questioning, diagnostic and functional testing alongside our Nutritionist teams extensive clinical experience. Our therapist then works with the client to create a personalised wellness plan and educates in achieving long term health. Recommendations are agreed between the client and practitioner. Often simple changes trigger life changing results. The follow-up sessions are used to measure outcomes and revise the plan as required to achieve optimal long term health.

Ongoing support is always available, from simple questions that arise specifically around the plan or discussion relating to new information/symptoms, right through to shopping trips with the client, working with chefs or liaising with your favourite restaurant to help with menu choices. In summary, our Nutritionist team provides support which is as unique as you are!

Consultations are held in the beautiful, private and relaxing 'Complementary Therapy' area of Therapy in Room Bee. Note that we regularly use specific Nutrtional Tests if we deem that the information would be useful to further tailor your plan.  Your therapist may recommend these tests if deemed appropriate, however, these are not a compulsory addition to the consultation.

Initial Consultation: 1hr 15mins 95
Follow Up Consultation: 45mins 60

Nutritional Packages:

Our range of Nutritional Packages have been designed by our team of Nutritional Therapists to bring you a selection of functional tests from the World's leading laboratories.  

Each package starts with an initial consultation to create your foundation programme, the corresponding functional test from the leading laboratory in the field and a follow up consultation to provide test interpretation and a development of your foundation plan based on the findings of your test.

  • Digestive Health PackageOpen or Close

    This package is designed for anyone with digestive conditions which can range to a little bloating or discomfort if you suspect a slight imbalance, right through to chronic and complex digestive disease.  If you want to understand more about your unique microbiome make up and how this influences your health and how in turn you can influence it for optimal health, then this package is for you.

    580

  • NutriGenomics PackageOpen or Close

    Our NutriGenomics package offers the latest in scientific development about how our unique genetic make up influences our food choices.  This package includes an insight into specific areas such as methylation processes, histamine balance, hormone regulation, nervous system health and detoxification.  This knowledge of the fabric of your body allows us to understand how our genes may affect our nutrient absorption, our unique nutritional needs, the balance of our endocrine and nervous systems and how the pathways in our livers are working to keep the body in balance.

    995

  • Stress Support PackageOpen or Close

    The majority of us are living with a significant amount more stress in our lives that our bodies have evolved to endure.  In the short term our bodies have mechanisms to deal with stressors and regain balance.  However, with constant pressures of life, family, work and continual connectivity in today's technology driven society, we can reach levels of chronic stress which in turn can lead to a state of dis-ease  This is important to recognise, investigate how your adrenals are coping with the levels of stress to see a benchmark and work to create a plan that provides your body with the fuel to cope and also lifestyle measures to address this.  If you feel that you are suffering from ongoing stress and need to look at strategies to turn a corner and look after yourself, then this is the package for you.


  • Complete Hormones PackageOpen or Close

    A complete insight into your specific hormone pathways as we have partnered with the world's pioneering laboratory providing analysis and graphical representation of your specific endocrine pathways to allow a personalised plan to be created to support balance.  The test itself provides information on sex hormones, adrenal hormones, melatonin, oxidative stress, nervous system markers and also nutrient markers specifically relating to hormonal health.


  • Optimal Nutrition PackageOpen or Close

    Our Optimal Nutrition Package is designed to look at potential nutrient deficiencies and address these for optimal health.  The testing included as part of this package provides analysis of vitamin, mineral, phytonutrient and antioxidant status.  Additional information is also assessed such as amino acid status. nervous system health, detoxification, energy cycles and an overview of digestive health.  This package is perfect for those wanting a preventative healthcare plan which is tailored to their nutrient needs.


  • The Ultimate Functional Medicine PackageOpen or Close

    This is the ultimate in wellness package.  Providing complete digestive and microbiome analysis, full hormonal assessment and an in-depth look into nutrient status.  This invaluable insight into your personal health needs, allows your practitioner to create a truly bespoke plan which is finely tailored to your needs.  If you want the ultimate in optimal wellness, then this package is for you.


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