Natural Wellness

Imagine feeling the best you could be... itís our mission at Therapy!

Natural Wellness
Our vitality and lust for life reflects our inner wellness. When we feel good, we can achieve. A healthy body encourages a healthy mind, and vice-versa. Wellness means positivity is not an effort, stress is not a pest, good energy, sleep and feelings of wellbeing are the norm.

Wellness and vitality have their own names in all cultures. The pursuit of 'Life-force, Qi, Prana or Wellness forms the basis of medicine and lifestyle systems around the world. These systems comprise a multi-faceted approach to wellness, including nutrition, lifestyle, physical health, emotional health and much more. This approach is as individual as you are bio-chemically unique. That's why at Therapy there's no 'one-size fit's all' approach to health and wellness...

The heart of what we do at Therapy lies in nutrition, after all 'we are what we eat'. Good health relies on good nutrition for every function of the body. Our nutrition team are fully qualified (BANT registered) to offer the best advice, tailored to you. Our Wellness Plans are individualised plans to target the most common health issues we see.

Health extends into the physical and emotional aspects of ourselves, and further beyond into our beliefs and actions. We understand, embrace and provide the space for your health to grow. In our experience there is a natural solution for all health issues, a chance to reconnect with our body's innate requirements.

Come into the shop, or browse on-line for some healthy Retail Therapy. We're on-hand to listen and advise on how to treat the root cause of symptoms, seeking the quickest solution to health issues to achieve long lasting results. We're independent and picky customers ourselves so only recommend the best. Our shop is stocked full of the highest quality superfoods, food based supplements, our own therapeutic teas, herbs, essential oils and beauty products we can find. All pass our strict 'Therapy Approved' check*.

Or discover our Complementary Therapy clinic. We encourage a deeper look at the root cause of any health issues and can advise on the different treatments options available from our specially selected, skilled and highly qualified Therapy team. Sometimes simple changes are sufficient, sometimes lifestyle changes are required. From Nutritional Consultations, Wellness Plans and Therapeutic Treatments, we're here to optimise your health, all set in our beautiful, relaxing, treatment rooms.

Whether here or at home, enjoy a cup of our signature Therapy Tea. Each of our teas has been designed by our nutrition team together with taste experts, for a perfect marriage of therapeutic benefit and enjoyment. We encourage you to take a moment each day for a pot of Therapy 'T'. Stop, sip, breathe and enjoy.

We wish you Wellness.

* Supplement Standards

The nutritional products we stock are selected for their ability to improve health due to the quality of the active ingredients. We believe that health products should be healthy and therefore only select supplements that are free from unnecessary fillers, binders, preservatives, sweeteners, colours, anti-caking agents, lubricants, disintegrants, coating agents and other non-food excipients. We pride ourselves on quality and specialise in food state ranges.

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