Lucy Cross - Bowen Therapy Offer

Lucy Cross - Bowen Therapy Offer
Introducing our new Bowen Therapist, Lucy Cross!

A special introductory offer...  10 off all treatments with Lucy from now until the end of November

Lucy is a talented Bowen Therapist who gains wonderful results from her treatments.  We are so proud to welcome her to the team where she can bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to achieve the very best results for our customers... here's Lucys story... 

"I have always had an interest in psychology and complementary health. This was increased by my own experience of recovering from M.E. after being ill for six and a half years. I went on to train in some of the techniques that had been most powerful for me in my journey back to full health. It also brought home to me how strong the link between mind and body is often we have to work with both in order to fully heal.

I qualified as a Master NLP practitioner and EFT practitioner in 2010 and then went on to train with the European College of Bowen studies, qualifying as a Bowen therapist in 2012. Having spent much of my previous working life specialising in social and behavioural change, I am now committed to helping people in a more practical way to change and regain the life that they want."

Lucy has an incredibly high level of training and knowledge bringing expertise in her field.  She continues to attend a vast array of courses for her professional development each year meaning she can bring you the latest science and techniques to support the personal needs of the individual that she is treating.  Also passionate about horses, Lucy achieved an advanced qualification in Equine Bowen in 2006 to treat both horse and rider and expand her already highly talented skills.  Note that as much as we would love to expand, our clinic is currently only available to treat humans!

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