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Jackie - Daily Mail Feature

Jackie - Daily Mail Feature

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Our very own co-founder and Nutritional Therapist was featured in this article recently, about Britains Super Nutritionists and their own personal do's and don'ts. The article came about when the writer heard about the good work and results gained in our clinic, and was inspired to bring together the countries top Nutritional Therapists for the article... 

Daily Mail Article - Jackie Coldwell - Collins

Jackie was featured in the Daily Mail, in their article about 'Britain's Super Nutritionists' who are 'highly trained, highly talented and absolutely passionate about transforming peoples diets'.

The article focuses on the nutritionists own personal do's and don'ts, thoughts on fads and golden rules. Jackie is passionate about transforming health through diet and leads the Nutritional Therapy team here at Therapy Organics.

And yes Jackie... you got 'broccoli for breakfast' in the paper!

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