Homoeopathy is an effective, but gentle, method of healing.


Adult Initial Consultation: 70  Follow Up: 60  Child: 55

What is Homeopathy, how does it work?

Homoeopathic remedies stimulate the body to heal. Sometimes this ability may be lost due to physical, mental or emotional illness or trauma, and the body needs remedies to help rebalance itself. Remedies are usually given in the form of small, round pills, which are put in the mouth for a few seconds before chewing. A soft immediately dissolving tablet is used for babies and small children. As people react in different ways to physical and mental disorders, a homoeopathic consultation is necessary to help understand how you are, both physically and emotionally, thus consultations last between 45 minutes and 2 hours.

What can be treated effectively with Homoeopathy?

Virtually all illnesses and complaints have been treated successfully with homoeopathy. Asthma, eczema, allergies, infertility, period pains, menstrual problems, molluscum contagiosum, relationship difficulties, grief, anxiety and depression are examples of the many varied conditions where homoeopathy can be used effectively. Homoeopathic remedies can also simply help maintain a sense of wellbeing; as well as treating some 'untreatable' complaints such as croup and chicken-pox. Not only can homoeopathy treat acute instances of migraine, for example, it can also stop another recurrence. Homoeopathy is especially valuable at times of emotional trauma; death of a loved one, marriage/divorce/ relationship difficulties and even starting school.

Who can be treated Homoeopathically?

The answer is simple - anyone and everyone. Homoeopathy is non-toxic and noninvasive, suitable and safe for treating absolutely everybody: there are no side effects. Homoeopathy can be used by anyone of any age for the majority of physical and emotional problems. It can help when you know something is not quite right but symptoms are too vague for a diagnosis.

Homoeopathy works well alongside prescription drugs and other therapies.

By Janet Mellor
Qualified and Registered Homeopath

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