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Restoring health to your hands and feet using organic Dr.Hauschka treatments.

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COVID 19:  Please note that Hand & Foot Appointments are not yet available following closure of the clinic during lockdown.  We will amend this message as soon as treatments are available again. 


Dr.Hauschka Hand Treatment

To rejuvenate your hands and nails

This treatment is especially helpful for aching joints, dry hands and dry, flaky nails. The treatments begins with a warm hand and arm bath followed by gentle stretching and relaxation movements to the head, neck and arms. Nourishing oils and moisturising masks are applied to soothe and deeply nourish your skin followed by warm compresses. Your hands will feel soft, light and will glow.

Duration : 1 Hour 55

Dr.Hauschka Foot Treatment

Wellness begins with your feet.

The Dr Hauschka foot treatment is not your usual pedicure. Rather than being a cosmetic treatment, this is a therapeutic treatment for the feet that results in nourished, pampered and healthy feet.

It begins with a warm sage foot bath, whilst enjoying the the warmth and aroma of the Sage, energy is drawn down from your head to your feet and the body begins to calm itself. Then, gentle stretching and relaxation movements to the head, neck and arms are combined, in preparation for the unique leg and foot lymphatic stimulation, using one the the specially blended healing oils. A nourishing mask is applied followed by warm compresses. A restful and recuperating treatment.

This treatment is beneficial for us all but is especially helpful during pregnancy for swollen, puffy ankles and tired aching feet.

Duration : 1 Hour 55

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