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Our holistic facials are performed by the gifted hands of our advanced holistic facialists, using only 'Therapy Approved' scientifically advanced, natural and organic skincare products.

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COVID 19:  Please note that Facial Treatments are not yet available following closure of the clinic during lockdown.  We will amend this message as soon as treatments are available again.


Natural, organic, holistic facials at our beautiful therapy rooms in central Wilmslow, Cheshire.

Abloom Facials

Abloom stands for pure and holistic skincare. The Abloom range is 100% organic, natural, raw and living. It is known as therapeutic skin food and in our opinion provides the most advanced organic skincare products available.

  • Abloom - Signature Skin Food FacialOpen or Close

    Award winning therapeutic Facial

    The signature anti-ageing facial is for skin in need of transformation, deep cleansing, hydration and balancing. This is the ultimate face treatment. Rich in antioxidants and healing enzymes, incorporating facial rejuvenation and acupressure to lift and tone the underlying muscles, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, and manual lymphatic drainage to help with the elimination of toxins, improving your skins health not just on the surface but through all layers. This treatment helps slow down the ageing process. A wonderful treatment for all skin types.

    Duration: 75 min treatment 70

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  • Abloom Therapeutic FacialOpen or Close

    As the Skin Food Facial with deeper therapeutic effects

    An extended version of the Skin Food Facial, this treatment includes additional facial massage for improved stimulation of collagen and elastin. Increased facial acupressure enhances the therapeutic value of the treatment, benefiting not just the face but also mind and body health.

    Duration: 90 min treatment 85

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OSKIA Skincare Anti-Ageing Facials

Oskia Facial Treatments offer excellence in natural anti-ageing with MSM to restore collagen and elasticity. Combining traditional knowledge such as acupressure, specialist massage, reflex & lymph drainage with more modern approaches such as enzyme and AHA procedures, these treatments leave the skin, body and mind rejuvenated and glowing.

  • OSKIA Signature Glow FacialOpen or Close

    Advanced natural anti-ageing and glow-inducing

    Combining anti-ageing and glow-inducing techniques to illuminate the skin and leave face, body and mind feeling refreshed and revitalised. This 75 minute facial consists of specialised facial and eye contour massage techniques, lymph drainage and acupressure to lift, relax & contour the face. Exfoliation and exfoliation and AHA masks ensure a deep cleanse, while oils and serums will revitalise the skin to boost elasticity and illumination. The ultimate radiance-boosting facial.

    Duration: 75 mins 85

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  • OSKIA Glow on the Go FacialOpen or Close

    The quick fix glow inducing facial

    Harnessing the techniques used in the OSKIA Signature Glow Facial, this is ideal for those seeking visible radiance-enhancing results but without the fuss. This illuminating facial blends deep cleansing methods with OSKIA's signature facial and eye massage techniques to reveal brighter, younger-looking skin.

    Duration: 45 mins 55

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Dr. Hauschka Facials

Dr. Hauschka Skin Care is a beauty brand born out of a medical background - a match made in heaven for your skin. Dr. Hauschka Skin Care creates a radiant, healthy complexion by harnessing the power of wholly natural plant ingredients, where possible using biodynamic agriculture techniques. Dr. Hauschka's unique approach does not serve as a substitute for the natural processes of your skin, instead it strengthens them to create a naturally fantastic complexion.

  • Dr. Hauschka Signature Facial TreatmentOpen or Close

    Deep relaxation and a feeling of wellbeing

    This treatment begins with a warm sage foot bath during which we discuss your skin and skin care routine. Gentle massage and stretching, deep cleansing, lymphatic stimulation using gentle soft brushes followed by nourishing masks restores and strengthens proper functioning of the skin internally and externally. Your skin will have a renewed vibrancy, you will feel relaxed, refreshed and glowing. A home care programme will help maintain this healthy balance.

    Duration: 2 Hour Treatment 95

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  • Dr. Hauschka Facial Firming TreatmentOpen or Close

    Revitalises your skin leaving if feeling smoother and firmer

    This treatment begins with a relaxing foot bath, followed by lymphatic stimutlation of you face and neck with soft brushes which actively soften and slow down the natural signs of ageing. An intensive treatment is applied along with a specific treatment mask to support and stimulate regeneration. You will leave feeling rejuvenated and infused with a sense of inner tranquility. Positive effects and benefits come from a regular treatment and home care programme.

    Duration : 2 Hour Treatment 95

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  • Dr. Hauschka Rejuvenating FacialOpen or Close

    Rejuvenating facial to relax and nourish

    This facial is shorter than the Dr.Hauschka Signature Treatment however it remains effective and is designed as a luxurious boost in between full treatments.

    Duration : 1 Hour 55

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  • Dr. Hauschka Clarifying TreatmentOpen or Close

    Regulates, heals and restores balance to acne/problematic skin

    This is a deeply cleansing treatment which visibly reduces blemishes and blackheads. The treatment stimulates and reawakens the lymphatic system to help in the essential removal of waste. The treatment and products work together to strengthen, heal and repair and give continual support to this condition to create a clear and healthy skin.

    Following your initial consultation and treatmen, a treatment and home care plan is prescribed for you. We will continue to guide and monitor your condition, providing the necessary advice and support throughout your programme.

    Duration : 2 Hours 95

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  • Dr. Hauschka Facial Gymnastics Open or Close

    Actively strengthens facial muscles to achieve tone and form

    These facial exercises help you achieve naturally toned skin and a balanced facial form. You will be taught exercises that will help to tone sagging skin, reduce puffiness, soften wrinkles and bring back a glow to your skin. These exercises have great results when used in combination with the Dr.Hauschka Facial Firming Treatment.

    Duration : 1 Hour 49, full course of three sessions 147

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Antipodes Facials

  • Antipodes Anti-Oxidant Anti-Ageing FacialOpen or Close

    Relatively new in the UK, the Antipodes range of products is fast becoming a firm favourite of our customers. High performance anti-ageing products, with scientifically proven results particularly focused around collagen production. Antipodes receives anecdotal feedback every day from excited women all over the world who've had exceptional skin-enhancing results after switching to the beauty brand.

    Duration: 60 min treatment 55

Signature Treatments   90mins ~ 80.

Therapy Signature Treatments - our own bespoke treatments, crafted using a combination of techniques and stand out products to provide results driven treatments...

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