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Cleanse, Revive and Rejuvenate Programme Our Puri-T programme is designed to cleanse and rejuvenate for clarity of mind, body and soul... - more...

Puri-T Programme

PRICE: £199.00

Duration: 6 weeks / May help:

  • Clear and calm skin
  • aid weight loss. Improve bowel clearance
  • Liver function
  • Unexplained fatigue
  • Puffy eyes or bags
  • Mental fog
  • Conditions of excess acidity (gout)

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Cleanse, Revive and Rejuvenate Programme

Our Puri-T programme is designed to cleanse and rejuvenate for clarity of mind, body and soul! This programme is recommended as a seasonal or yearly detox/cleanse.

May help:

Clear and calm skin
Aid weight loss (a cleanse programme is beneficial during weight loss as fat release from cells causes toxins to also be released)
Improve bowel clearance and liver function
Improve unexplained fatigue
Reduce puffy eyes or bags
Improve mental fog
Improve conditions of excess acidity (including gout)

The plan is also ideal prior to weddings or events, and can be beneficial after Christmas or periods of over indulgence.

About the Puri-T Programme

The Puri-T programme is a 3 stage cleanse, revive and rejuvenate programme, which takes 6 weeks. This tailor made programme is the only way we recommend to detox and cleanse, as it offers a 3 stage nutritional approach tailored to you, supported by our bespoke lymphatic stimulation massage. The plan is devised by Registered Nutritional Therapist Jackie Coldwell-Collins (BAhons Dip CNM mBANT CNHC MAR).

The programme varies according to a clients individual situation, it identifies your personal priorities and the plan is individually designed for you. The organs considered are:

Kidney: filters the blood and makes urine through which toxins are excreted. Symptoms of kidney dysfunction are: dark circles under eyes; water retention; painful/urgent/frequent urination; cystitis.

Liver: transforms toxic substances into non-toxic, water soluble forms so they can be excreted. Symptoms of dysfunction are: constipation; bad breath; sore breast before menses; poor digestion of fats; fatigue.

Lymphatic: transports toxic substances from cells to the filters (liver and kidneys). Symptoms of dysfunction are: sore and puffy tissue just under the skin; chronically swollen lymph nodes; aching soft tissues.

Bowels: gut wall helps protect us from harmful substances using the surrounding immune system to alert the dangers. Symptoms of dysfunction are: constipation or diarrhea; leaky gut where toxins flow back into the bloodstream; allergies and sensitivities; poor immune function.

Lungs and sinuses: exhale toxins to the outside world. Symptoms of dysfunction: chronic breathing problems; asthma; bronchitis; sinusitis; chronic cough.

Skin: excretes toxins through sweat and hair follicles. Symptoms of dysfunction are: hair loss; acne, rosacea, eczema; dry skin and rashes; body odour; and excessive and/or burning sweat.

Genitals: menses and ejaculate excrete toxins. Symptoms of dysfunction are: Men pus in urine or ejaculate; Women abnormal clots or pus in flow, vaginitis.

The programme commences with a Nutritional Consultation to explore the individuals toxic load and help the client understand the detoxification processes. The session includes an education into how nutrition can be used to cleanse and detoxify. A personalised Nutrition Cleanse Plan is created, which will summarise discussions from the session and be provided to each client within 48 hours of their consultation. The consultation also discusses whether functional investigation is recommended to clinically assess toxic elements and detoxification markers. The plan has 3 stages:

Stage One is to Nourish. This stage is about what we add to the body rather than remove. A nutrient programme tailor made for you is the first step to providing the body the extra nourishment to prepare the organs of elimination to efficiently cleanse. This phase is essential to maximize the effects of phases 2 and 3, and ensure ongoing health improvements. This ensures that the body is in control rather than a 'shock' approach detox.

Stage Two is to Cleanse. During this stage the organs of elimination begin their detoxification work. This stage is designed to last 4 weeks. The lymphatic system (which cleans the body) is supported in it's role by 2 x 90 minute lymphatic stimulation massages during this phase. Each treatment is a heavenly complete body rhythmical massage designed to stimulate the bodys natural detoxification processes and mobilise toxins for elimination. The treatments let stress melt away and decrease muscular tension.

Stage 3 is to Restore. The Puri-T programme is made with personalised longer term recommendations to ensure the bodys organs of elimination are supported for long term improved health.

Included in the plan is the Puri-T massage oil, designed to be applied to legs, bum and tum. This combination of oils helps refresh, purify and tone the skin.
Our delicious Puri-T Herbal tea is also included. This detoxifying blend is perfect to drink in the morning (replacing any caffeine) and throughout the day as desired.

Associated Functional Nutrition Testing

Note that testing is not always required and is not an essential part of the programme. However, in some cases, functional testing may be recommended as a useful adjunct to assess the bodys toxic load and detoxification markers. During the nutritional consultation process, our therapist will advise of any appropriate testing if requested.

Nutreval Plus
Optimal Nutrition Evaluation
Toxic Element Profile

Puri-T Programme Pack

1 x Nutrition Consultation
2 x Puri-T 90min Detox Massage
1 x Puri-T Organic Massage Oil
1 x Puri-T Blend Tea
1 x Puri-T Bath Salts
Body Brush

The minimum duration for this programme is 6 weeks.

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