COVID Treatment Policy

Our Policy to keep our clinic Covid Safe...

COVID Treatment Policy


All Treatments

  • We will take name, address, contact details. Record appointment start and end time. Record therapist name. 
  • We will be operating one clinic room per day only to ensure no crossover of clients. The window of the treatment room will be open.
  • All therapists to sanitise hands on entering the building.
  • All treatment rooms to have hand sanitiser
  • All customers will be required to sign a 'Covid Screening' questionnaire in the 24 hours before their appointment. This will be sent to the customer by email and must be signed before a treatment can take place. If a customer or therapist is presenting with any symptoms, appointments will be rescheduled.
  • All customers entering the building will be required to wear a mask, which should be kept on during the consultation, and removed when the treatment starts.
  • All customers to sanitise hands before entering the clinic
  • Clients to arrive promptly at their treatment time as the waiting area will not be in use.
  • Clients should bring their own water if possible, as we are unable to serve drinks
  • Fabric chairs have been removed from the clinic, and replaced with wipeable chairs
  • Appointments to finish promptly to ensure adequate clean down time and the therapist to be fully ready for next client.
  • After each treatment/consultation the therapist will perform a full cleandown of the room, bathroom and touchpoints in corridors. Paper roll will be supplied for cleaning. A minimum 15 minute period will be added to the end of each treatment to allow for this.
  • Bathroom to be fully stocked with adequate liquid soap and single use flannels.
  • Any person sneezing or coughing in clinic must do so into tissue, which should be removed and discarded by that same person.

Nutritional Therapy:

  • Socially distanced consultation if in the clinic. 
  • We are continuing to encourage consultations by telephone or zoom, to limit the number of clients coming into the clinic. We are very happy for face to face consultations to take place, if this is preferred and will do so with safe social distancing.

Body Treatments:

  • We are starting back with treatments that can be performed through clothing. Skin to skin contact is at the discretion of the therapist, according to their professional opinion.
  • Masks to be worn during the consultation
  • Consultation for treatment to be socially distanced by at least 2 metres
  • Therapists will wear a visor
  • Any towels used during the treatment will be removed from the room immediately after the treatment, put into a zipped bag and sent for laundering.
  • Therapists clothing will be washed after each clinic session
  • If a therapist leaves the room during a treatment, hands will be sanitised on return
  • Treatment time around the head/neck area will be reduced to the minimum necessary to achieve treatment objectives
  • Clients who have previously had to shield, or live with a clinically vulnerable person, should only come into clinic and only be treated if the treatment is deemed absolutely necessary. In this situation face coverings must be kept on throughout the whole treatment.

Shop Area

  • A maximum of 2 staff members will be on the shop floor to maintain a socially distanced working environment. Please be respectful if you have to wait outside prior to your appointment.

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