The who, what and why we stock... and the reasons we love them.

  • AbloomOpen or Close

    Abloom is the purest of the pure in terms of natural and organic skincare, using beautiful combinations of herbs that work synergistically together to create a simple, yet luxurious and effective skincare range. We love the fact that the whole plant is used, rather than extract; why mess with what nature intended? And with many phytonutrients yet to be discovered, many companies could be throwing away pure gold. Not the case with Abloom! In fact, their product ingredients are such high quality that fillers are not used (not even water) so the whole product is active! 

    Every single ingredient is either organic or wild-crafted, ethically sourced and every product is handmade. As if that's not enough... the products are 'living'! Never heated above body temperature, this keeps all the natural and organic plant enzymes active for the most effective skincare! We love the whole range but a must try is the Organic Universal Mask, a dry powder, activated by liquid and recommended to be mixed with organic probiotic yoghurt and good quality raw local honey. You'll look like the hulk temporarily as you skin feeds on this bright green 'Therapeutic Skin Food' but wash away to reveal the new radiant you!

    'If you can't eat it*, don't put it on your skin'. A simple ethical range of products designed to feed any skin type, any age, any time... no matter who you are, your skin will thank you for trying this adaptogenic range that balances any skin to create perfection! Trust us, your friends will notice!  A highly Therapy Approved range.  

    *Although safe, products are not designed for taste (yes we have tried them)!

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  • AEOSOpen or Close

    the whole is greater than the sum of its parts'
    Aristotle 384BC – 322BC

    The sum of the ingredients within each AEOS product is more effective than any of the
    ingredients individually. Whilst we suggest a few key ingredients to highlight the way in which
    they may be effective, the important thing to remember is that these are part of a product
    that has been brought together with great care and awareness of the way in which all the
    different aspects from the three kingdoms come together to be most effective. (The mineral
    kingdom of crystals and gems; the vegetable kingdom of herbs, plants and trees; and the
    hue-man kingdom that pertains to the perception of light and colour.) This incredible
    attention to detail and the underlying understanding of the way in which all aspects of
    ingredients are evaluated energetically, contribute to AEOS being truly unique. Following are
    three examples that illustrate this, providing an insight to how AEOS can benefit the health
    and beauty of your skin, as well as your holistic body, mind and spirit.

    The water used in AEOS products is drawn from a ground source where natural artesian
    water flows. It has been well documented through the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto, that
    "water has memory". In contrast to using water from the tap, naturally sourced water does
    not contain any negative memories of preceding substances like those found in tap water,
    but instead positive memories from nature.

    After the water is drawn, it passes through vortex pipes (based on work of Viktor
    Schauberger) that help to elevate the energy of the water whilst eradicating bacteria –
    purifying the water and allowing the water to flow in spirals, as it does in rivers.
    Our water is then filtered through a 3 stage process to remove any overabundance of
    metals naturally found in the earth. Following this process, the water continues into
    chambers with crystals which help in the stabilization and recording of information into the
    water. Crystals have developed over millions of years and carry energies which help to bring
    about wellbeing, tranquility, relaxation, calmness and many other properties. This positive
    information from the crystals is passed on to the water.

    After being crystallised, the water flows through more vortex pipes into a tank where electrostatic
    induction (ESI) takes place. ESI water can be likened to water falling from a waterfall
    onto a granite slab from approximately 100 metres causing microscopic vibrations in the
    water. In relation to skincare, ESI treated water passes more easily through the semipermeable
    membrane of our skin.

    All AEOS skincare products contain biodynamic spelt oil, that is grown and harvested on
    Shire Farm, the Aura-Soma Demeter-certified biodynamic farm in England, and extracted
    using supercritical CO2 extraction to maintain the full properties of the oils. Spelt is an
    ancient cousin of modern wheat and is bursting with vitamins and proteins. Due to the way
    in which the plant itself is grown, the spelt as an ingredient is very 'available' to the skin for
    optimal absorption. Our spelt oil is extremely rich in natural Vitamin E and essential fatty
    acids and boasts excellent antioxidant, moisturising and regenerative properties. As a result
    it may be particularly beneficial for prematurely ageing, very dry skin or when the skin is
    subject to harsh environments or extreme changes in temperature. Spelt oil has also been
    reported to help those with skin conditions such as eczema.

    Spagyric tinctures are liquid gems and crystals prepared specifically for Aura-Soma Products
    Ltd, according to an ancient holistic alchemic process, which views body, soul and spirit as a
    balanced unity.

    Spagyric refers to the process of separation, purification and re-combining of materials –
    fundamental alchemical techniques used for the preparation of substances. By separation
    and parting of the original substance into its diverse components, the useful is first
    separated from the useless. Using a specific method of new composition, the pure and
    useful components are combined together again. The spagyric tincture manufactured in this
    manner contains the beneficial substances in refined form and are thus more
    therapeutically effective than the original substance.

    Spagyric tinctures are not effective because of their ingredients; rather, they are effective
    because of the metaphysical powers released by the manufacturing process. Spagyric is
    alchemy in practice and adheres to alchemical laws practiced by Hippocrates, the Father of
    Modern Medicine. By bringing together the alchemical techniques of the ancients along with
    cutting edge skincare formulas, the AEOS products provide a medium through which these
    tinctures may have a direct effect on the human energy field. It is a truly unique approach to
    skincare and general well-being.

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  • AntipodesOpen or Close

    An-Te-Po-Dees is the correct pronunciation but we don't mind if you call it An-Te-Podes… most people do! A beautiful range from a beautiful country of New Zealand, you would expect nothing less than beautifully pure skincare. Okay, so we've never actually been there but we imagine luscious green fields, clear blue skies and crystal clear waters... we're happy if anyone wants to prove us wrong and pay for our ticket out there to show us any different?! All in the name of research to get our facts right of course!

    Antipodes have captured this beauty within their formulations, using Weiwera water in most of the range. This water was voted 'worlds best' coming from deep within the earth and abundent in minerals. The antioxidants found in New Zealand grapes are claimed to be twice as powerful as others, and New Zealand's world-famous manuka, totara, kowhai and mamaku black fern delivers a powerhouse of nutrients to your skin.

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  • Aqua OleumOpen or Close

    Exquisite and pure organic essential oil range… we love the Aqua-Oleum range and even better that this is a family business with unsurpassed knowledge of essential oils that have been passed down through three generations.  Keeping loyal to their roots still today with no compromise on quality.

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  • Bare BiologyOpen or Close
  • Bathing BeautyOpen or Close

    The beautiful Georgina Jones (model, osteopath, creator of Bathing Beauty) is well known amongst our local customers, having wowed us with her products, energy and natural beauty at our local artisan market.

    For a few years we've watched Georginas beauty range grow to feature unique products such as best selling 'Jones the Bones' (muscle and joint oil), always producing quality products, mixed with a dose of 'quirky'. At the same time 'The Source' , home of Bathing Beauty is also where Georgina follows a lunar gardening approach to 'growing her own' ingredients. Quirky Quality, developed over years of being her own pickiest customer.

    Now this artisan is browsable wherever you choose to peruse, with a little help from the world wide web, and us!

    Of course the Welsh will claim her as their own (the foothills of the Clywydian Range is home to Georginas workshop) but we in Wilmslow like to think we've adopted a small part of her. And we'd like to also share that with you.

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  • Ben & AnnaOpen or Close

    Set of 6 of our deodorants in a practical deodorant stick dispenser. Simply push the bottom of the tube with thumb until the deodorant stick pushes out a little and spread it over the armpits leaving a thin layer of our deodorant on the skin.

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  • Bio-HealthOpen or Close

    A herbal company with a passion for pure. Made in the UK and pioneers of herbal products and herbal blends of the best quality. Bio-Health developed their 'Pure fil' range to strictly exclude all additives back in the 1980s.

    Bio-Health recognise that in each plant there are probably hundreds of different chemical compounds and these exert a gentle action and modify and "buffer" each other and assist in the bio-availability of the herb when taken. Bio-flavonoids are a prime example of this action. Therefore, Bio-Health maintains firmly, that until it is proved unscientific, illogical or ineffective they will continue to produce Herbal Medicinal Products with a minimum of processing to retain in the dry form "all the known and unknown compounds" in the leaf, fruit, bark, root, stem or combination of all for the best herbal medicines available.

    That's just as we like it!

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  • Bodhi & BirchOpen or Close

    This British Brand is admired, desired and aspired to by many a discerning Beauty Blogger and celebrities alike.  This was an instant 'must-have' range for us here at Therapy Organics from the first time we tried the products! 

    The body washes contain more unusual but gorgeous stand out 'therapy' scents such as Siam Ginger which is uplifting and leaves a very slight but beautiful fragrance on the skin. As for the Mint Temple Balm, this aromatic balm instantly soothes and clears the mind allowing focus and clarity... great too for headaches and colds. However, our hero stand out product has to be the beautiful Desert Rose Rejuvenating Facial Oil...  if it's good enough for Sienna Miller then who are we to argue! 

    Simple Eco-Luxury skincare and you can feel the love that has gone into every single product in the range and we are very proud to be able to bring this to you.

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  • CBD ONE Open or Close

    CBD ONE has brought a fresh new approach to CBD oil. They are a small, professional team who's passion is to offer us affordable, high quality products. They have spent the time and effort sourcing the purest ingredients from the Netherlands and producing their products carefully using the whole cannabis plant during extraction. This provides us with high amounts of CBDa and a rich terpene profile, making us all feel superhuman.

    They have 3 fabulous ranges to choose from; life edition which is high quality but affordable, signature blend including 3 different strengths, and absorb range which is water based for easy absorption with maximum effectiveness.  

    CBD ONE are also full members of the Cannabis Trade Association, are CannaPro UK certified and all their products are fully laboratory checked to confirm its Cannabinoid profile.  

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  • de MamielOpen or Close

    Never before have we seen such a healthy addiction to a skincare range. Try it once and you're in love. The smell, the feel and the results of de Mamiel skincare products speak for themselves. This brand is new to many, but once tried it's never forgotten.

    The range is small but perfectly formed meaning simplicity is key to chosing what is right for your skin but the ingredients are by no means simple. Annee de Mamiel is the creator of the range and she uses her in-depth knowledge of herbs, traditional chinese medicine, acupuncture and aromatherapy to create her range. Quite a CV we hear you cry but it doesn't stop there! Annee is a beautiful lady who has a great instinct alongside her vast CV of knowledge for what will make a product effective, let alone feel and smell beautiful. As if that's not enough, her spirit and positivity comes in every bottle with each product being handmade in the UK, bottled with the good energy of reiki and music.

    As well as knowing that these products have all the scientific ingredients and good intentions, we dare you to smell one and you will be hooked for life. We love the restorative cleansing balm as part of our evening regime to refresh and revive after a busy day. An opportunity to take a moment… and breathe. Finish with her award winning seasonal facial oil and connect back to nature. Divine.

    Annee de Mamiel herself is very special. Her journey ingnited the spark to create her products, when she couldn't find a skincare range as pure as she required as her own health was challenged. Her knowledge, extensive training, intuition and passion came together to create this beautiful range. Her facial treatments (with a 3 year waiting list) and skincare range are her focus, and she blends ingredients with love and respect. We know you'll love it.

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  • Dr. HauschkaOpen or Close

    What can we say! Dr.Hauschka never fails to please us with their biodynamic, beautiful classics! Their longevity reigns with the Rose Day Cream having a cult following and their cleansing regime guaranteed to you leave you feeling both refreshed and revived! Although 'no night cream' is a different concept to most ranges... try it, you might like it!

    With both make up and skincare, their products are so good that they rarely have a need to change them, the saying springs to mind, 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it'! So you won't be confused by their latest colour change updates trying to figure out which product it is that you loved so dearly before. They always remain ahead of the game too with their Toned Day Cream, way ahead of the latest fad of BB and CC creams, Dr. Hauschka are far too classy to release their DD's for the sake of marketing and that's why we love them!

    Saying that, they did recently make a teeny update to their classic bath essences but we can forgive them as they have been made even more beautiful. I hear you cry that they were already beautiful but now the Lavender Bath Essence has become Moor Lavender Bath Essence. No, this isn't a typo, they've not added more lavender, but the Moor comes from peat to make the essence more grounding, yet another reason to love Dr. Hauschka!

    We recommend their core range, using the Cleansing Milk to remove make up, the Cleansing Cream used with water and the Muslin to give a deep cleanse and slight exfoliation and finish with a spritz of the Facial Toner. For added indulgence, add a drizzle of the Moor Lavender Bath Essence to your sink of warm water when cleansing in the evening to create a spa in your own home for the most restful nights sleep!

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  • Dr. SchulzeOpen or Close

    The original superfood blend. Dr Schulze was one of the pioneers of herbal nutrition in America. His principles evolved from his mission to heal a heart condition he was diagnosed with when just 16 years old. Nutrition has been his lifes work, with his focus on health and quality of ingredients. His signature product, Dr Schulze superfood blend, has been in existence since 1979, long before many of the more recent superfood blends (many of which are driven by marketeers rather than clinical experience).

    Quality and potency is the driving force behind Dr Schulze range of products. He states 'We now live in an era of fast and instant everything—from cell phones, computers, text messaging and even Twitter and Instagram. Instant may be good for communication, but not for food, and not for herbal formulas. Today, I still use the same time-consuming methods used and passed down from generation to generation by the greatest herbal pharmacists of the last century, which have been long abandoned by other manufacturers. Our minimum brewing time is 14 days, with some brewing taking as long as two to three months. Each tonic is blended and stirred every single day, before it is eventually pressed under 40 tons of pressure. This is the same way the best wine, olive oil and even herbal medicine have been made for thousands of years.'

    For over 3 decades Dr Schulze formulas have been refined and tried and tested in his own clinic. The formulas are potent, containing significantly more herbal ingredient than many others, and we can confidently say we're proud to stock and recommend these superfoods and herbs.

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  • Eco By SonyaOpen or Close

    If you live in Australia, and use the best, chemical free self tan, you'll probably be using Eco by Sonya. Here in Blighty we may not be so aware of this brand, but this is likely to change very soon. This is the first Organic tanning brand in Australia, it's also vegan and accredited 'toxin free' by Safe Cosmetics Australia. Australia is leading the way with such products, and as Australia isn't a short hop away,we thought we'd best bring them here!  

    We love this beautiful Australian brand of certified organic natural tanning.  Get your skin glowing and summer ready with the Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub to prep the skin followed by the tan depth of your choice.  For a radiant complexion, use the Face Tan water under make up for that skin kissed fresh faced look.

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  • energydotsOpen or Close

    Energy is everywhere, and how wonderful it is.

    Energydots are here to promote a world of good energy. Their products are there to support our everyday needs of technology and counteract all the nasty, harmful energy emitted by wireless and electronic equipment. Guilt free cybering!

    Their products provide wellness solutions for all humanity, even our little furry friends! Focusing highly on children and the young people of the world - those who are more vulnerable to the effects of electro-pollution with a longer life-time of exposure!

    From their single dots for mobile phones, to their beautiful glass pyramids to protect your home, energydots have got you and your positive energy covered.

    What could we love more than some harmonious energy?

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  • ErbenobiliOpen or Close

    When it comes to herbal brands and traditional extraction, Erbenobili is our leading brand.  A blend of both Nutritional and Herbal products made using the Spagryic technique.  Erbenobili uses the ancient preparation method to extract all fractions of the desired plant from essential oils, the active ingredients and the salts.  Several stages of processing and purification allow their tinctures to be concentrated and enhanced for maximum efficacy.  All of this happens taking into consideration biodynamic rhythms dictated by nature and the cycles of the moon.

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  • ErbologyOpen or Close

    Erbology... one look at their products and after reading their story you'll understand why Erbology products are stocked at Therapy Organics... it sounds like a childhood made in heaven! Siblings and founders of Erbology Victor and Irina tell their story: 

    "The Bessarabian countryside – a hidden gem in Eastern Europe - is probably not the place most people would look for inspiration. But the childhood summers we spent there were ones where we breathed in the scents of plums, quince, and goji berries that our grandma scattered to dry over unfolded newspapers. We hid behind sacks overflowing with walnuts. We played in the milk thistle fields and climbed our favourite black cherry trees. And while we played, our babushka would feed sunroot leaves and amaranth to the goats, pick berries for us, or sip her favourite St John's wort, or dogwood tea.

    It was idyllic, a place seemingly lost in time. And since we haven't yet worked out how to recreate the past, we decided to at least try to tap into the wholesome living we once enjoyed - and to share it with you. Erbology is more than just a business. We want to feel inspired, and to inspire you to embrace healthy, happy living that nourishes the mind, body and soul. 

    To do that, we feel it's also important to ensure Erbology has a positive impact on the world around us. We work closely with independent, organic farmers. Our products are free from chemicals and additives. Our oils are cold pressed, our juices gently pasteurised to preserve their nutrients. Our dried foods are raw, vegan and deliciously good."

    Now that's a few miles from our childhood, yet right up our street!

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  • EskimoOpen or Close

    One of our favourite brands of fish oil is Eskimo, which comes up time and time again as clean and safe in independent purity research when compared again other brands. Omega 3 essential fatty acids have a myriad of functions in the body and our Western diets tend to be lacking. These special essential fats help to keep every single cell in the body flexible and able to function. They also very importantly, convert to anti-inflammatory molecules within the body, which can be particularly beneficial in our pro-inflammatory world!


    Our main food sources of omega-3 essential fats are things like oily fish and seeds so if your diet is short of these then fish oil may be helpful as a supplement.

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  • ExcaliburOpen or Close

    Dehydrate.Make your kale crispy, or potentise your pineapple, make delicious raw biscuits, or activate your almonds. Don't waste what your juicer leaves behind. Learn how to dehydrate to make crackers from the left over juicing pulp. All easy to do, not quick, but that's the point as dehydrating foods makes foods interesting whilst preserving nutritional properties.

    If you're going to dehydrate we recommend Excalibur dehydrators. The units are of excellent quality, and large enough to make the effort worth your while. A must have for any discerning foodie or families with children to make delicious dehydrated snacks.

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  • GeorganicsOpen or Close

    Born from the theory that nature offers everything we need to take care of our oral health, Georganics range of products offer exceptional cleaning with zero chemicals and zero waste. Instead, ingredients include minerals to support oral health, including calcium, potassium and magnesium. Alongside excellent cleaning the company is passionate about using only eco friendly packaging.

    Georganics started selling their products at London farmers markets. Before long demand required expansion into a laboratory in the Sussex countryside. Today they're one of Europe's most trusted, genuinely natural oral product supplier.

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  • GiovanniOpen or Close

    At Therapy the products we stock must stand out. This sometimes means they cost a little more than others, but quality over quantity is our motto and if this means the cat doesn't eat for a week then so be it (that was not serious RSPCA).


    However, Giovanni offers a range of affordable haircare founded on natural principles, that allows all pets and even children and husbands to dine well! The range both performs well and budgets well.


    In the 80s Giovanni took natural haircare to new heights. True innovators, boring was out, brilliant was in. With the aim of being 'Valentino' of the natural hair industry, the genius behind the range modernised natural haircare, transforming the industry and it took 10 years for the industry to catch up. Giovanni successfully infused 'chic into natural' at an affordable price. Giovanni was the first to include a natural styling range including mousse, hair treatments and even natural hairspray.


    Their best seller is the 'Direct Weightless Leave In Moisture Conditioner' which is loved by customers and beauty bloggers alike. We stock our favourites from the range. Now that beauty from the elements is chic on the street we predict Giovanni to be a household favourite.

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  • Green PeopleOpen or Close

    What more could you want from a natural brand… Green People are British, Ethical Affordable and Effective! Our pick of their products are the haircare, suncare, children and men's.


    The haircare has something for everyone's hair type and is a great day to day range which is natural and as good as any shampoo and conditioners on the market – not easy to find in the natural world! The men's range is extensive with moisturisers, serums, washes and exfoliators which all get great feedback.


    As for the sun care range, this is our favourite. The SPF 15 with tan accelerator has been a staple in our holiday suitcase for years and we have never found better. The gorgeous lavender scent feels luxurious with no sticky residues or casper like white effect. Leaves skin silky smooth and with no chemical films, this whole range helps prevent prickly heat and great for people with any skin problems. And to get you all set to jet, the Green People Self Tan is fantastic to add a bit of colour before revealing the pasty whites to the world.

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  • Haughton HoneyOpen or Close

    Haughton honey is our pick of local honey from this fine county of Cheshire. With all the expensive Manuka honeys on the market, how can you be sure that you are getting the real deal when significantly more Manuka honey is exported from New Zealand than actually produced… we're no mathematicians but it doesn't add up. Manuka honey is measured on a UMF scale, it's Unique Manuka Factor and the more factor you have the more expensive the price.


    For me, I pick local honey every day of the week for a variety of reasons. Firstly, based on the macrobiotic principles of eating locally, after all, we couldn't get further away from New Zealand without it being grown in Space. There is a myriad of health benefits of honey and that goes for local honey too! We get the phytonutrients cleverly selected by the amazing bees that come from our surrounding environment so are right for us in our climate. Our pick of the local honey is Haughton Honey, which is cold pressed to retain all of the beneficial enzymes and nutrients so we get the maximum nutritional benefit.

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  • Hifas da TerraOpen or Close

    Make room for the mushrooms...

    Here at Therapy Organics, we LOVE mushrooms.  Our Nutritional Therapist, Jackie, has a particular passion for them following her Mycology training at the Hifas da Terra headquarters in Galicia.  An amazing place blending the power of nature with the latest science and research, their labs nestled in amongst the forest where the organic chestnut trees are adorned in the growing mushrooms.  Medicinal mushrooms have been used for centuries for their healing properties... now finally science is catching up and providing evidence of their health giving qualities.


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  • Honore Des PresOpen or Close

    Made with pure extracts from nature, this perfume range is magical! For years of having not worn perfumes due to their extensive range of chemical ingredients, to have found a natural one that we love is simply amazing. Each perfume within the range seems to be completely unique and evolves to the person after a few moments of wear, meaning that there is a scent for all!

    Perfume is such a personal and unique statement which rouses emotional connections and memories. With the scents, we both have our personal favourites that transport us right back to our own happy memories and we always make sure to have a little spritz on those special days where more happy memories are made!

    The Therapy award winning scent of the range is the Eau de Parfum, Vamp a NY. Inspired by Honorés trip to New York, the heady notes of tuberose absolut blend with three special base balms. A clean, unforgettable scent all encapsulated in a quirky coffee cup carrier in homage to the great city of New York. The eau de toilettes of the range are all delivered within 'verrines' to capture the imagination of the special ingredients being preserved within glass. Fragrances as unique as you are!

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  • HurrawOpen or Close

    Hurraw! balms are all natural, vegan, made from premium raw, organic and fair trade ingredients... They are super smooth, not draggy, not sticky, not sweet, not too glossy, not too smelly, never grainy, long lasting plus they won't melt in your back pocket. 


Hurraw! Balm contains certified organic, cold pressed and centrifuged extracted, nut/seed oils and butters are still chocked full of their essential nutrients and enzymes. Although more expensive, the quality of cold pressed oils and raw butters is superb; you'll feel the difference…Lipsmackingly good! Hurraw!

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  • Jack 'n' JillOpen or Close

    Jack 'n' Jill products are as cute as a button. The toothbrushes are biodegradable, BPA free, comfy for little hands and suitable from the first tooth. The toothpastes are as natural as they come, rated as pure as can be by the Environmental Working Group. They also taste great too, trust us we've tried them... all in the name of research of course!


    The little hippo or bunny designs are gorgeous and will make for fun tooth brushing time. Along with a little sing song of course to 'Never Smile at a Crocodile'... or is that just us?!

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  • John MastersOpen or Close

    Those of you au fait with quoffee, Mr Big, Manhattans, Cosmopolitans and Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha ... will know what made this brand famous... You guessed it, Sex and the City. This cult New Yorker Hairdresser hit the big time as the hairdresser on set for our four lovely ladies... and the rest of the cast we assume! In fact, I feel like Carrie now as I type and get a faint scent of John Masters Lavender Rosemary shampoo on my freshly washed locks whilst tapping away with my thoughts in my Manola Blahnik sandals... Okay, so I lied about the footware but this range really does make you feel that glamorous.


    It's taken a long time in the searching for an Organic Haircare range which dare I say it, is as effective and gives you a better feel as those shameful ones containing sulphates (which I once experienced before I knew better). However, it was worth the wait! John Masters products get better as you use them and your hair condition improves for the better as all of those layers of chemicals that previously coated each strand to give you 'shine' are washed away and the hair naturally gets nourished for a healthy and clean gloss.

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  • KiinOpen or Close

    Here at Therapy, we love keeping as close to nature as possible and Kinn is a fine example of this.  Bee pollen is a well known addition to the diet to provide healthy free form amino acids and a wealth of phytonutrients from flower pollen collected by bees.  What is not so well known is that the bees actually ferment this prior to using as their own food...  mixing enzymes and a little honey from the hive to the bee pollen, the bees then leave this to naturally ferment which allows all of the precious nutrients to become bioavailable.

    Kiin was founded in the lush fields of Latvia by three generations of bee keepers who gradually built a research facility to look into the health properties that can be provided with the help of bees.  Keeping a deep respect for nature and only taking a little of the bee bread, leaving more than plenty to sustain the health of the bees throughout the winter time.

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  • Kiki HealthOpen or Close

    KIKI was born out of a desire to promote optimum healthand well being. Their aim and passion is to source dietary and beauty products of the highest quality, purity and integrity from around the world.

    Their product diversity is based on an overall power to cleanse, detoxify, heal and nourish, believing that health is fundamental to happiness and their products are here to help promote a healthy diet and lifestyle.

    KIKI believes in adding only the purest of ingredients with the highest potency available. All ingredients are meticulously chosen and ethically processed to preserve and maximise the beneficial and powerful elements,ensuring unsurpassed bioavailability. KIKI does not compromise their products with inexpensive fillers and synthetics.

    KIKI guarantees non-GM, non-irradiated and 100% activeingredients.All products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

    KIKI is the brand behind a host of innovative optimum food supplements made from 100% raw, plant-based, gluten-free and vegan ingredients.

    The brand encompasses: Proteins,Greens & Superfoods, Digestive Health, Essential Fatty Acids, Aloe, Algae, Probiotics, Minerals, Detox,Fruit and Cacao Powders.

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  • Kure BazaarOpen or Close

    Kure Bazaar is the worlds first nail varnish range to combine an eco-natural formula with vibrant pigmented colour (each shade represents a certain style from Paris Fashion Week), meaning that these are safe to use, without compromise on style or quality. The formula is quick dry and non-chip, yet doesn't contain the amount of chemicals that most nail varnishes on the market currently do.

    The brand won the Elle International Beauty Awards 2013 'Best New Make Up' awards and was created by Brazilian Supermodel Kartika Luyet. It avoids the 4 main chemical ingredients found in most nail varnishes: formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl phthalate and synthetic camphor. Surprisingly the formulation is based on wheat, cotton, wood pulp, potatoes and corn.

    Get The Gloss "GTG commends the beauty genius behind Kure, an impressive array of vibrant and on-trend polishes, ultra-glossy results we can count on to last for days and the natural formula preserves and protects – the impossible may have just happened…this could be the nail varnish that does it all."

    Jo Fairley, Beauty Bible "We're blown away by the results, Kure Bazaar's polish stood up to a tough week of wear and tear, staying gorgeously glossy. The shades are truly showstopping and the real bonus is there's virtually no smell AT ALL – this new range ups the game."

    British Beauty Blogger "I'm completely rating Kure for its high gloss and longevity, and the fact that its somehow miraculously made of 85% natural ingredients. In my view, it's a better performing product than most polishes."

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  • Living NutritionOpen or Close

    In terms of nutrition formulations and manufacture, Living Nutrition brings a cutting edge food state and fermented range of specialist products.  All products take the best ingredients that nature has to offer for the purpose of the products and uses a bespoke fermentation of the ingredients using a kefir and kombucha blend.  A combination of targeted formulations combined with natural activation to harness the power of the synergistic blends for maximum absorption and efficacy.

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  • Malaya OrganicsOpen or Close
  • MoaOpen or Close

    It's green, it's a balm, it's 100% natural and it's a miracle! This is what Moa claim and our customers wouldn't disagree.

    The pots come in two sizes which are both handy for the bathroom cupboard or the handbag to use as lip balm, to soothe insect bites, to moisturise, to cleanse, for stretch marks, for cold sores, for grazes, bumps and bruises. The most versatile of all of our products, we should have made a list of the different uses that people come in to tell us although I don't think they would thank us for putting some of these out to the world but we will leave that to your imagination!

    Made from 100% organic yarrow, our favourite yarrow fact from Moa's leaflets are that it is said to attract friends and if used in your bridal bouquet, your love will last for at least seven years. So there's no scientific reference for this fact but these little pots make a great stocking filler for Christmas and are a handbag must have for all eco chics.

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  • MyconutriOpen or Close

    Mushrooms have a long history of therapeutic use in many cultures around the world yet in the West, their potential is often overlooked.  This range is developed by a UK born Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner and world leading authority on all things 'mushrooms', Martin Powell.  A move to East during his studies allowed him to challenge his inbuilt believe system of 'don't touch the mushrooms' and explore their health giving possibilities with the leading professors at the time.  Since returning back to the UK, Martin has devoted a lifetime's work to the study of mushrooms in relation to health and his Myconutri range are the culmination of his dedication to mushroom research and allowing access to the best quality in medicinal mushrooms.

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  • NEOM OrganicsOpen or Close

    "Neom, Neom, Neom"! That's all we say all day in our relaxing and beautiful boutique of Organic wellness, yet we don't get tired of it... This is the answer to what makes our little peace of heaven smell so beautiful. And as our customers walk in they always take a deep relaxing breath, shortly followed by the question, "what is that gorgeous smell?". You guessed it… Neom! True scents to make you feel good!

    There's a distinct difference between synthetic fragrances and fragrances from the purest natural essential oils and once you have experienced the difference, you will not go back. From the classic Real Luxury to the sleepy-time Tranquility, there's a scent for everyone, for all occasions.

    The gift sets make beautiful presents for that special someone who needs to look after themselves more and the smaller sized Travel Candles we think are a steal at just £16. Gorgeous presents for gorgeous people (which most definitely includes you)!

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  • OrganiiOpen or Close

    Organii is a wonderful range of Sun Care products based on mineral filters made from natural ingredients and providing broad spectrum coverage to protect and nourish whilst enjoying the sun.  Fresh, friendly, happy, ethically made and vegan.  Safe enough even for babies skin with the SPF 50!

    We've been looking for a new Suncream range for some time, and we've found a winner. The wishlist required the best ingredients, chemical free, EU approved UVA and UVB protection, and importantly that itrubs into the skin easily. avoiding the 'snowman on the beach' look. This range ticks all the boxes, with products for children and adults too.

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  • OskiaOpen or Close

    Nutrition meets skincare.  Our perfect marriage of no nonsense, educated and active beauty based on nutritional principles.  Oskia has earned it's place on our shelves due to it's the science behind the products, and the genius involved to produce these wonderful products.

    The range is small and unconfusing, adapting to all skin types.  The products were founded on the benefits on MSM, which is known as the 'beauty mineral'.  MSM is a bio-available form of sulphur, which is critical to all cell processes and collagen production. OSKIA use MSM to provide your skin with the natural materials required for the production of collagen and elastin - a longer-lasting approach to promoting cell regeneration and renewal, leading to supple, stronger, healthier skin.

    In addition to MSM, Oskia are ahead of the pack in including the most advanced natural ingredients such as Swiss Apple Stem Cells, Ribose, MPC Milk Peptides, Peptides, Prebiotics, Glactoarabinan, Niacinamide (B3), O3 Stressed Yeast Lysate, Immortelle Bleue, to name just a few.   These ingredients combine to provide an intense effect promoting radiant, glowing youthful-looking skin and helping to combat the signs of premature ageing and environmental damage for producing anti-ageing results.

    There's another OSKIA secret we love and that's their Rose de Mai Massage, Body Oil and Treatment Candle.  The fragrance is heavenly (100% natural) and the candle doubles as a body oil or massage oil.  This is pure indulgence and If you're looking for the perfect gift this is it.

    In our clinic we offer the OSKIA facial treatments which are heavenly.  The results are wonderful and nurture all skin types, clients leave glowing.  The treatments are suitable for all skin types but especially suit mature and dryer skins.   

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  • Pana ChocolateOpen or Close

    Raw. Organic. Handmade. Vegan. Gluten Free. No Dairy. No soy. No added sugar.

    Need we say more... Well yes I think we should as this is the tastiest and most indulgent 'healthy' chocolate that we have ever tasted.  The unique flavour combinations are sublime and the gift sets are beautifully packaged and simply gorgeous.  Look no further for your ultimate chocolate fix and a tiny bit is enough to satisfy even the sweetest tooth!


    Charlie would most definitely have saved up his pennies for a bar of this little moment of heaven... golden ticket or not!

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  • PukkaOpen or Close

    Pukka has grown from its beliefs in ayurveda – the ancient Indian art of living wisely – and the incredible health benefits of organic herbs. The more we learn about Pukka from founder Sebastian Pole, the more impressed with this beautiful Bristol based company we are. Translated from Hindi, Pukka means 'authentic', 'genuine' or, more colloquially, 'top-quality', 'Pukka' epitomises all that they represent – ethos, ambition and everything this company creates.

    At Pukka's heart (and a big heart that is) is ayurvedic medicine. The products that stem from Pukka wholistically embrace health. A huge emphasis is placed on sourcing sustainable organic plants, and on looking after those involved in production of Pukka products, ensuring fair rewards and charitable support. Pukka are a shining example of a truly ethical enterprise.

    Innovation with an absolute insistence on quality, and a refusal to compromise. We love Pukka's Ayurvedic philosophy which helps them to create products that are unique in the marketplace... Herbal formulations that really work such as their Elderberry syrup which should be in everyones cupboard to kick back against those winter bugs and Organic Certified Aloe Vera Juice which is the best quality we have found.

    As for their Chywanaprash (now called Golden Preserve), this is a product based not on current research but an age old traditional formulation that includes amazing ingredients. However, it is the synergy of the ingredients coming together that allow the all encompassing health benefits of this product! It has a jam like consistency allow a multifunctional use, take it off the spoon, make it into a tea or mix it in your porridge. It doesn't matter how you take it but give it a whirl, you won't look back!

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  • Pure EncapsulationsOpen or Close

    We love Pure Encapsulations supplements as they are what they say on the tin... PURE.  They use no unncessary fillers or binders and are manufactured with the strictest of quality control.  But above all of that, they use the finest form of nutrients which are scientifically studied to achieve results and keep us in the best of health.  No expense is spared with the ingredients yet they don't cost the earth so everyone can afford the best supplements at a great price.

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  • Pure ThoughtsOpen or Close

    Always supporting artisan makers who are local and passionate... Pure Thoughts don't get much better.  All Pure Thoughts products are lovingly hand crafted using traditional techniques and made locally in Derbyshire.

    We especially love their meditation candles which are uncomplicated scents allowing emotional balance and calm.  All of their soaps and bodycare also smell incredible but their Charcoal and Shea Butter is a little soap of black magic which binds to impurities in the skin leaving it radiant and fresh!

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  • Radius ToothcareOpen or Close

    In 1983 architects, best friends, and innovators Kevin & James sat on the Caribbean island of Tortola and decided they wanted to do more…they wanted to impact and improve the everyday lives of people. And what better way than to Revolutionize a tool used every day by billions -- the toothbrush! Archaic and practically unaltered since its initial conception, the toothbrush was ripe for improvement.

    Aptly named the Original, it is still the #1 best-selling RADIUS adult toothbrush. At the crux of RADIUS' original design is a Radical, Revolutionary toothbrush that offers Real Results by massaging gums while cleaning teeth and a Refreshing/Rejuvenating experience making users feel as if they have just had a professional cleaning. At the core of RADIUS' ethos is a desire to reinvent existing, everyday items by adding benefits through the 4 Rs –Responsible Design,Radical Look,Real Results,Refreshing Experience. This mission drives RADIUS to provide premium, thoughtful, and unique designer options to consumers around the world while being 100% focused on waste and energy reduction.

    The RADIUS guarantee: Designed and manufactured in-house on solar powered machines, RADIUS products are made from natural ingredients like wood cellulose & castor oil instead of petrolem based plastics and bristles. Each product is inspected by hand, designed to last, and unconditionally guaranteed.

    The RADIUSfamily of brushes are the only natural brushes with the American Dental Association acceptance mark.

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  • Rhythm of BeautyOpen or Close

    Rhythm of Beauty Seasonal and Celestial Soulful Living.

    Through Rhythm of Beauty's multi award winning flower and plant medicines, Louise (Founder) integrates the earth, fire, water and spirit of each season to create a scared space for true nourishment, beauty and awakening. 
    Working with Mother Nature to bring us beautiful products to realign us through the seasons and cycles of life. 

    Rhythm of Beauty is made with 100% natural products including organic extracts, flower essences and the highest grade vibrational oils. 

    A truly unique brand with the power to balance the energy-fields of the body so they are in rhythm with the larger forces of life. 

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  • RMS BeautyOpen or Close

    This is the make up we have been waiting for! This New York range is the creation of the fabulous Rose-Marie Swift, make up artist to the stars. After her own personal health issues and the discovery that her blood contained high levels of heavy metals and pesticides from years in the cosmetics industry, she set off on her journey to create her organic colour cosmetics.

    We are proud to be able to bring this brand to the North. A range absolutely in keeping with our philosophy of good health naturally, exceptional performance and looking and feeling beautiful. The ingredients used in the range are full spectrum, bio-available and nutrient complex... a truly alive product for truly alive skin.

    Rose-Marie is an outspoken advocate for women protecting themselves from the toxic chemicals found in products they use on their bodies daily. Check out more information on her website and see her portfolio at

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  • Salt & StoneOpen or Close

    Created in 2017, SALT & STONE is a natural skin care brand based out of Los Angeles, California. With a strong focus on natural, organic and antioxidant rich ingredients, the result is a superior collection of products that optimize your body and enhance your daily journey.

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  • Storksak OrganicsOpen or Close

    When a baby care range comes along it has be super special, after all it's caring for your most special little people and there's nothing more special than them. So when we found Storksak Organics with their most delicate ingredients and whose products smell like laying in a British orchard surrounded by fallen pears in the evening sunshine, we were in love.

    Storksak Organics products are proudly made in England, using only the finest natural and certified organic ingredients to ensure all products are safe, pure and easy to use. The natural and delicate signature scent has been specially designed to pamper your baby. Formulated by the fragrance experts of Grasse, it combines subtle notes of English pear, chamomile extract and honey inspired by the gentle tranquility of the countryside.

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  • Sun ChlorellaOpen or Close

    Sun Chorella is the ultimate in greens! A real whole food algae meaning you get the complete nutritional profile and one of the few vegetarian sources of B12 and vitamin D. Sun Chlorella is different to other chlorella in that the company use a patented process to break the cell wall whilst retaining the nutritional content. This is instead of using heat, enzymes, or chemicals to crack the cell wall.

    A rich source of chlorophyll, this sunshine vitamin supports healthy immune function, digestive health and beauty from within. The perfect addition to a green juice for a complete multi-vitamin and mineral boost!

    Not all Chlorella is made the same

    Chlorella has been here for billions of years, long before humans figured out how to process it and use it for good health, long before manufacturers like us and long before retail stores. Its core health benefits are simply put "Timeless" – ultimately something that no company can lay exclusive claim to.

    But how it's grown and processed can make the difference in how much of its green goodness you can tap into.  And this is why Sun Chlorella is so exceptional.

    Chlorella Comparison #1: The Pyrenoidosa Difference

    There are several species of chlorella. Chlorella vulgaris and chlorella pyrenoidosa are the most studied. They both give you excellent nutrition. However research comparing the two different species indicates that chlorella pyrenoidosa has higher concentration of some vitamins and amino acids, like choline. Chlorella pyrenoidosa also has a higher concentration of the unique chlorella growth factor (CGF). Many health experts from the late Bernard Jensen to Dr. Mark Drucker consider CGF to be the most phenomenal aspect of chlorella. It provides powerful support for tissue renewal and immune health.

    Chlorella Comparison #2: The Cultivation Difference

    Only Sun Chlorella contains 95% – 99% pulverised chlorella, thanks to our exclusive process utilising DYNO®-Mill technology.

    In order to ensure cultivation purity, some manufacturers only grow chlorella in indoor tanks. However, while it's easier to maintain a consistent cultivation this way, you lose out on one of the most significant factors when it comes to chlorella's nutritional potency… Sunlight. Chlorella's most significant nutritional attribute, CGF is produced during intense photosynthesis. By cultivating chlorella outdoors, we make sure it gets all the sun it can get. And consequently, we can ensure a higher concentration of CGF.

    Fed by pure mountain water, our chlorella is cultivated in large outdoor ponds. And to ensure purity and maintain quality, these chlorella cultures are carefully monitored during cultivation and after harvest.

    Chlorella Comparison #3: The DYNO-Mill Difference

    Chlorella has outstanding nutrition. But if you can't break through it's tough cell wall, you can't get to it. A number of different methods have been developed for breaking up chlorella's cell wall. However, none of them compare with the thoroughness of the DYNO-Mill» process.

    And unlike the other chlorella milling processes, this proprietary method does not use heat, chemicals or enzymes – only simple pressure differences. DYNO-Mill processing allows you to access chlorella's nourishment in its purest and most nutritious form.

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  • Sun WarriorOpen or Close

    When thinking of protein powders, if the image that springs to mind is huge containers stacked at a gym counter and being consumed in huge quantities by buff body builders in pursuit of physique perfection, well... think again!

    Protein powders traditionally tend to come from animal source and be full of synthetic nutrients, preservatives, flavours and fillers, aimed either as meal replacements or to increase protein and caloric intake for muscle mass. Proteins are made up of the smaller building blocks called amino acids, some of which are essential and some of which can be manufactured in the body. We need a surprisingly high protein intake for healthy tissue renewal, good energy production, healthy hormone production and cellular communication. This is where protein powders have their place in our Western, carbohydrate and gluten heavy diets but the right protein powder is of critical importance!

    Sun Warrior is an amazing clean raw vegetarian protein with a complete essential amino acid profile meaning that is very well absorbed by the body whilst avoiding any of the nasties associated with 'traditional' powders. Great to use in a variety of ways to increase protein intake. The versatile powders come in Natural, Chocolate or Vanilla (all natural flavours of course). Our favourite is the Vanilla Warrior Blend used in place of flour for morning banana and hazelnut pancakes, a winner for kids and adults alike!

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  • Tabitha James KraanOpen or Close

    In the natural beauty industry there's a few special people who've been doing their thing, following their own beliefs and driving their passion into perfecting their practise, light years before 'natural' was on trend, and often at the risk of being labelled 'different' shall we politely say!

    Fortunately the people of Stow-on-the-Wold have been happy to be Tabitha's guinea pigs for over 20 years in this process. Those hardcore fans of Tabitha probably didn't want to share their hair secrets, preferring to keep her as their own, for fear of not being able to 'get an appointment'.

    The result of this experience, alchemy and secrecy is a beautiful haircare range we can now share, with products you didn't realise were absolute necessities! Never before have we smelt such an amazing 'hair oil', and 'hair perfume' has rocketed it's status to 'must have in handbag' product, along with purse, keys etc. IT IS THAT GOOD!

    Tabitha's approach to caring for hair changes our thinking in line with how we care for our skin. The hair cleansers do exactly that, cleanse rather than strip. The conditioners can be used in 7 different ways. Tabitha encourages her clients to use a dry shampoo on alternate days, and handily produced two (one for blondes, one for browns) that the beauty awards people (all of them it seems) absolutely love. We love it too!

    WARNING: this range will change the way you care for your hair.

    Find out more about TJK on Vimeo here...

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  • TerranovaOpen or Close

    Science and synergy are the words that spring to mind when describing this advanced supplement range. Stephen Terrass, the brains behind the brand has over 35 years experience in the formulation of food supplements, his knowledge has earned him the respected position of being a leading authority in Europe in his field.

    The formulations in this range include 'magnifood complex;' a combination of ingredients that improve absorption of the product. The synergistic effects of ingredients are also key to the superior performance of these supplements. Synergy occurs when an interaction between compounds produces effects that are greater than the combined individual effects of each one. The brand refuses to use any synthetic fillers and binders. The future of nutritional supplements is here.

    Life drink is our customers favourite product. This all encompassing formulation is 'health in a tub'. Not only does it contain many vitamins and minerals, it also includes other ingredients for superior wellbeing, including probiotics, essential fatty acids, immune boosting mushrooms, antioxidants and cleansing greens. This stand out product is a daily must have for many.

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  • The Beauty ChefOpen or Close

    Ever wished for a product that makes you feel ravishing from the inside out? Well say hello to The Beauty Chef!

    Based on a history of troublesome skin for both Carla and her daughter, Carla began lacto-fermenting foods in her Bondi kitchen. With her strong belief that 'Beauty Begins in the belly', Carla has created the world's first living, bio-fermented, probiotic inner beauty product, all scientifically-formulated to fortify skin on the inside and outside.

    Carla has worked with leading microbiologists, nutritionist and naturopaths, employing cutting edge research to ensure the efficacy of her existing products and develop innovative new products. 

    The Beauty Chef has something for everyone, ranging from Collagen to Cleanse, Antioxidant to Hydration, all vegan and organic with one simple aim - to encourage beauty from the inside out.

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  • ToxapreventOpen or Close

    Toxaprevent is an exciting range of products using Modified and Activated Clinoptolite which is a form of zeolite.  It has the unique capacity to detoxify heavy metals including Mercury, Ammonium and also Histamine.  We're all exposed to some form of toxicity in our day to day lives... so Toxaprevent helps in many ways to support a natural and healthy detox without impacting on mineral status.  For a broad range of conditions such as hives, acid reflux, IBS, Crohns or Colitis.

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  • TruthbrushOpen or Close

    We love these bamboo eco toothbrushes which are sustainably produced and great to use for a sparkly smile.

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  • ViridianOpen or Close

    Ethical vitamins with an organic heart! There truly is something for everyone for every health condition in the Viridian range, from probiotics, to herbs, to multis, to singles, to oils... the list goes on.

    We love the range as they contain absolutely no nasties but we hope that you already assumed that, to be stocked by our good shelves. So the fillers or bases of these products (where required) are foods such as bilberry or alfalfa, some of the great things that you know you should eat, but probably don't. This avoids using the usual cheap and nasty fillers that a lot of other companies use.

    Everyone feels great on Viridian, both by buying ethical and the results too! Never have we experienced such commitment to a supplement brand, people try it, they see results and don't want to chance using anything else! Their Clear Skin Complex and Clear Skin Oil used in combination never fail to please those with problematic skin conditions, the formulations are expertly designed and include everything you would want to see in a skin health supplement.

    Our favourite must have product for every household is the Raw Coconut Oil that we always recommend if cooking at a high temperature. And if you run out of your moisturiser, just pop down to your kitchen cupboard and bingo! Bring your bottles back for recycling and receive 25p off your next purchase.

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  • Wild NutritionOpen or Close

    As a nutritional therapist, this range is what I have been waiting for! Supplements are exactly that, supplemental to good nutritious foods... This food state range is as close as you are going to get to the real thing.

    Although the range is small, it is perfectly formed! Created by the inspirational Nutritional Therapist, Henrietta Norton, she represents a kindred spirit to my philosophy about what supplements should be! That is, targeted formulations that are in a way nature intended so 'mega dosing' is not required. Henrietta eloquently uses the analogy that 'supplement' nutrients are like envelopes being delivered by the postal services of the body. The difference with food state is that our bodies have evolved to know what to do with them so they have the address of the target tissue written on the envelope, as opposed to synthetic nutrients whose envelopes are blank and have to be sent out in huge volume to get a tiny amount to the desired location!' Couldn't have put it better myself!

    We particularly love all their formulations especially their Total Cleanse Programme. This package consists of the Balance Multi-Nutrient, Total Cleanse Complex and Anti-oxidant boost. These are synergistically designed to work together for the ultimate cleanse. Hello detox!

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  • Z GelOpen or Close

    A tube of miracle gel.  When we found this gel we were so impressed with the ingredients list we had to stock it.  Since then we've discovered that Z Gel really is alchemy in a tube, at a very reasonable price.  This gel is first aid for everything.  It helps soothe and calm any irritations, it helps heal, it calms itching, it reduces swelling... the list goes on. 

    Customers have used this wonder gel on more than the list indicates and we receive a continual reports on how amazing it has been for their children, dog, cat, great Auntie ......  You get the picture.  This is one of those products we can't (and won't!) live without.   

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