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Natural Facials vs Conventional/Cosmetic Facials

Natural Facials vs Conventional/Cosmetic Facials

Posted on: Tuesday 3rd June 2014

With so many 'cosmetic' facial procedures available we thought you might like to know there's a natural alternative.

The facial treatments we offer at Therapy are designed to enhance your natural beauty using scientific and natural procedures and products.  Our facials work with your skin to achieve long term healthy skin, rather than causing damage for short term gain.

Felicity Williams, our advanced holistic facialist explains how....

No rubbing, scrubbing or peeling...

I don't ever rub or scrub the skin, this may give a short term relief from dry skin and leave the skin feeling baby soft!  However in the long term it removes and damages our very precious top layer of skin which we need to retain all our healthy baby cells below, which aren't ready to be scrubbed off.

When these 'baby cells' are removed the skin below goes into panic mode as it realises it has no protection above so begins to over stimulate cells, disturbing the natural rhythm of the skin.  I cleanse the skin in a way that is more effective than rubbing, scrubbing or peeling, using a pressing, rolling and lifting action.  This  helps preserve the important top layer of our skin, allowing our skin to hold  moisture inside, thus preserving our acid mantle and balancing our natural sebum production.  (It's our balanced sebum which naturally gives the skin a lovely soft supple feel).

No facial massage!!!

We have over 91 muscles in our face, extremely delicate, small and all lying in different directions to each other.  Facial massage feels great, however the more the facial muscles are pulled, rubbed and stretched the less they will spring back into shape, and may lose their shape and form prematurely. Instead I use brushes and my hands in a rythmical way to gently awaken the lymphatic system combined with acupressure, resulting in an even more relaxtion than conventional facial massage. Massage on the body is fine as the muscles are much stronger, attached at two fixed points and are clearly defined making them easier to see and work with.

Not just the face...

I treat the person as a whole, I don't just do a facial, I work on the whole person which means including rhythmical massage on the body too.

I don't damage the facial lymphatic system...

I work by supporting and encouraging the lymphatic system, which carries toxins and waste. The better and more efficient your lymphatic system is the better your skin is.  Strong, healthy, breathing skin.  A gentle approach, a facial should be a relaxing and rejuvenating experience and leave you feeling calm but ready for the day or evening ahead. It should never be rushed or leave the skin red, irritated or stressed.


I like to give plenty of time to my clients, no rushing or feeling that they have to leave as soon as they get up off the couch.

Ready for anything...

My clients always leave feeling grounded and calm with a glowing happy skin.  The skin should never be red or irritated after a facial.  If this is the case the skin has been stressed out and scrubbed too much.  With my facials you can go out the same evening!

I often apply natural organic make up after a facial as it will continue to heal, nourish and protect while still allowing the skin to breathe. I never want my clients to feel they have to rush home because they don't like being without make up.

Natural Skin Strengthening...

If clients are concerned about loss of tone and form I teach facial gymnastics which are specific exercises to strengthen and bring back tone to the facial muscles.

Less is more...

Using less of your products and less products in general is healthier for the skin unless there is a certain skin condition that may need more attention at first, but my aim is to keep skin care routines enjoyable and simple.  Applying too much to the skin not only confuses the skin but can end up confusing ourselves.  The skin is intelligent and is continually trying to bring itself back into balance.  If someone has an oily/acne skin the immediate feeling is to apply a strong product that will dry out the oil.   This drying of the oil sends a message underneath that the skin is drying out, so the oil glands help by over producing more oil.   This ends up being a vicious circle.   By applying a little oil to the oily skin the message is that everything is fine and it doesn't need anymore oil.  It is similar with a dry/flaky skin, the temptation is to rub and scrub it away but as before, the skin panics and produces more skin cells to protect itself, resulting in an increased build up of flaky cells which aren't sloughing off naturally by themselves.   The feeling is again to scrub off, creating another vicious circle.

By doing less and using good quality organic skin care we can allow our skin to rebalance itself."

By Felicity Williams

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