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Natural Beauty - Skin Solutions Part 1: Dry Skin

Natural Beauty - Skin Solutions Part 1: Dry Skin

Posted on: Tuesday 6th October 2015

Advice from our wonderful esthetician Felicity Williams, about caring for skin which is prone to dryness, applicable as the weather turns colder and the heating turns warmer...

Common dry skin concerns: skin is dry to the touch and can flake easily. Dry skin is lacking in oils and moisture and can be easily irritated/sensitive.

Recommendations for improving this skin condition:

The correct cleanser is as important as a moisturiser for dry skin. Ensure your products are chemical free to avoid the dehydration and irritation that these can cause.


Always cleanse thoroughly at night, then a gentle cleanse in the morning. Cleansing balms are best for dry skin as they will be high in fatty acids and good oils which will feed and nourish the skin. Warm the skin with an organic cotton muslin cloth first of all to warm and relax skin. Pores will be more relaxed and open to receive the good oils that it needs from the cleanser. Massage your cleanser gently into skin and leave on for a few minutes to really penetrate and nourish the skin, highly recommended cleansing balms are De Mamiel Restorative Cleansing balm and Oskia Perfect Cleanser.

Perfect Cleanser
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Steam and Nourish

Steaming the skin followed by a nourishing mask at least once a week can also be very helpful for dry skin. The steam really warms and opens the pores to allow deeper penetration of your nourishing mask, allowing you to maximise the benefits of the mask. Highly recommended masks are Dr. Hauschka Hydrating Mask for extremely dry/flaky skin, Dr. Hauschka Soothing mask for dry/stressed and sensitive skin that gets irritated easily. Oskia Renaissance Mask for dry, dull and pale skin. Lighting the Oskia Skin smoothing massage candle whilst soaking in warm bath and applying the melted oils from the candle to a cleansed face and neck will really soothe and deeply nourish the skin.

Renaissance Mask
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Mositurisers, Serums and Oils used alone or combined are a must for dry skin for moisture and protection all day long. Oils are great but not everyone gets on well with putting oil directly on the face. If this is the case try adding the oil to a moisture cream and mix together before applying, this should feel much more comfortable. Favourites for dry skin are Antipodes Vanilla Pod Day Cream, Dr Hauschka Rose Day Cream and everyone loves the Dr.Alkaitis range, especially the Treatment Oil (lasts a very long time too!).

Rose Day Cream (30ml)
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Drinking plenty of water and eating foods rich in essential fatty acids/good oils can really help to improve dry skin conditions. Avoid alcohol and caffeine which contribute to dehydration.


The Oskia facial treatments are particularly beneficial for dry skin. They can be experienced by booking into our clinic, or as part of our Beau-T wellness programme.

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