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DIY Detox

DIY Detox

Posted on: Wednesday 10th January 2018

January is an excellent time to shift your focus back to you, to focus on healthy eating and allowing your body some rest and relaxation. A simpler and cleaner way of eating for just a few weeks will reward you with improved energy & mood.  Here are our favourite DIY detox options:

Pukka Clean Me Green 14 day Kit

Pukka Clean Me Green kit is a 14 day plan comprising of a green juice, green tea and detox tea each day. This helps alkalise the body in a gentle way. Use alongside a healthy eating plan.

Terranova Life Drink

Does exactly what it says on the tin! With the ability to replace half of your supplements, if not all, Life Drink's ingredients are so impressive that we will give you a quick check list summary as follows:

Alkalising power greens
An array of high antioxidant and phytonutrient rich power berries
Digestive enzymes
Omega Oil Blend
Exotic Mushrooms to boost immunity
Balanced plant protein
Rice Bran actives

Designed by Stephen Terrass, former Solgar Technical Director and previous speaker at Therapy, for us, this is the number one food supplement which should be on everyone's shopping list to give us a nutritional boost, as and when needed!

Note, that it the interests of purity, Life Drink is unflavoured so can be mixed with water for those used to taking their greens juices or add to juice or a smoothie for those who need to disguise the flavour.

The jar contains 19 servings but some may find that they are simply too energised if taking the full dosage so can reduce this to a half scoop or take every other day to make the pot go further!

Viridian Sugar Detox

Quit sugar for a week! If your sweet tooth has been re-ignited over Christmas, this will help you get back in charge. This kit provides an eating plan and supplement to help decrease sugar cravings whilst balancing blood sugar.

Dr.Schulze Superfood

One of our favourite products ever. This superfood blend contains the finest quality ingredients which can benefit everyone. If a customer is low in energy,mood or nutrient status, or needing help with digestive, hormonal or immune systems, this is often our go to product. It's not just about the ingredients, but more importantly the quality of each one and the way the ingredients are grown.

Yes this does need to be made up into a green drink (and is often referred to as 'Kermit drink' 'pond water' etc)... but once you're fine with that you'll reap the benefits. Great to be used all year round, we cannot recommend this highly enough.

Therapy Puri-T Herbal Tea

...our naturally cleansing tea. A customer favourite, it is often served in our clinic. This organic blend contains peppermint, lemongrass, liquorice root, rose hips and lemon peels.

The perfect start to the day to kick start the liver & kidneys, can also be drank throughout the day. Ideal with any detox or weightloss plan.

Wild Nutrition Total Cleanse Programme

This one month programme is designed to give you a nutritional boost with the Balance Multi-Nutrient, alongside liver and digestive health support, and an Antioxidant boost to help mop up any free radical damage. The plan comes complete with a 28 day cleanse plan of how and when to take the supplements, lifestyle tips for optimal health, a shopping list of store cupboard essentials and suggested recipe plans. Formulated for women and especially good for helping hormonal balance.  

Epsom Salts

Grannies favourite has really made a comeback. We love Epsom salts. Through osmosis they detoxify whilst providing the body with magnesium (a mineral that most people are deficient in). Magnesium helps relaxation, aids sleep (essential during a detox to allow the body to repair and renew) and relaxes tight muscles to relieve tension.We recommend a good handful in your bath, two or three times per week. This can result in improved blood flow and oxygenation of the tissues, thus improved overall health. And, they're just 4.50 per kilo.

(Add a few drops of lavender for extra relaxation, sage for grounding, or spruce to improve circulation)

Puri-T Personalised Cleanse Plan

And if you'd rather a personalised plan completely tailored to your needs, have a look at our Puri-T plan.  The optimal cleanse programme for the perfect pick me up.  

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