Back to Earth Workshop

Back to Earth Workshop
Autumnal Energetic Rebalancing Evening Workshop
Wednesday 25th September at 7pm
Tickets: 15 

Join us for this educational and informative evening which promises to leave you empowered and ready for the new season.  Our incredible therapists, Sadie Pickering and Penelope Silver are joining their powerful forces to take you through a wonderful evening of meditation, chakra balancing, supportive essential oils and rituals to bring balance to the new season ahead.

With the turning of the season, the earths energy (chi) shifts from the Yang of Summer to the Yin of Autumn. This workshop is designed to harvest the power of the new energies and connect to the earth and metal element during the Autumnal months.

Join us on this evening of bringing community together to enjoy the space and time to focus on yourself, reconnect to the earth and prepare your body for the months ahead.

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